Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tally 1.82a with stat 117

I fedup with the server of Tally solutions to download this new tally 1.82a and stat file. They doesnt allow parallel downloading resume feature. Im in remote area that I cannot connect to internet contiguosly. So, each and every time it downloading 70 to 80 percentage of file and disconnect. When reconnecting next time we had to start from the 0%. And finally one day I downloaded it successfully. To all the customers who are facing this same problem, I want to give a solution. I put it in the megaupload server, so that you can download it fastly with resume feature. This file doesnt contain any crack or modified. I think this is not illegal and tally solutions may not disagree with this.

Here is my new Tally 1.82a and newest stat 117 to download.

Tally 1.82a

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