Monday, December 29, 2008

Why I started this blog

I, Adimurugan.V., Proprietor of A.V.M. Computers, Tiruvannamalai, Situated at 185 Kms. from Chennai (formerly Madras), Tamil Nadu, India. I'm in the IT business since 1988. I started my profession as a Sales cum Service engineer Trainee. So, I have much interested in Sales as well as Service divisions in IT industry. For the last 20 years, I have come across several after sales service scenarios which taught me lessons to explore more options and definition about this topic.
I wish to publish my experiences in this blog as well as I wish to create a correct definition of after sales service. All the companies have their own rules and regulation about warranty / guarantee issues. Some always seems to be follow sale and hide technique which at atlast the reseller who sold the item to the end customer gone to suffer.
To get the clear view and definition of the after sales service, the end-user (customer), reseller, dealer, manufacturer and service provider must come together and develop a common rules and regulations for after sales service.
Most of the IT companies are not capable of doing after sales service and gave that division to third party. This is the worst policy of the company. The main drawback of the company is, the company doesn't know the exact fault in their product to rectify it. We will discuss it one by one.

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